September 16, 2015

The KBP has asked the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to reserve the radio frequency of 87.5 megahertz for the exclusive use of schools. During the last administration, the NTC had agreed to this position but, according to KBP Legal Counsel Atty. Rudolph Jularbal, the KBP felt the need to reiterate its position due to reports that some radio operators want to use the frequency for commercial operations. The position was contained in a letter sent by KBP to Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba in August of this year.

In the letter, the KBP said that the government has a responsibility to ensure that a scare natural resource, which the radio frequencies are, should be partly allocated for non-commercial education. The 87.5 megahertz frequency is the last frequency in the FM band. KBP also said that if the NTC assigns the frequency to commercial operators, this will displace the schools that have already been authorized by the NTC to use the frequency for their low-power campus stations.

The KBP also said that KBP members who originally applied for the frequency have decided to put aside their applications because of the KBP position, suggesting that it would be unfair to them if the NTC decides to consider new applications for the frequency now.