• CREATIVITY (20%) – Is the idea original, innovative, or inventive?
  • CLARITY OF MESSAGE (20%) – Can it be easily understood? Does it have a specific message? Does it clearly communicate this message?
  • MAKES FULL USE OF RADIO AS A MEDIUM (20%) – (Is it designed and executed particularly for radio? Does it exploit the distinct characteristics of radio as a medium? )
  • TECHNICAL QUALITY (20%) – How excellent is the technical quality of the production? How well does it combine or exploit production elements for radio e.g. sound effects, music, voice, etc – 20 %)
  • RECALL (20%) – Does it stand out? Does it stick in your mind? Does it make you recall the ad’s message?

Selection of Winners

  • An independent Board of Judges made up of prestigious individuals from the advertising sector, the radio broadcasting industry, and the academe will choose the winners of the KBP Radio Ad Awards.
  • The search for the 2008 Radio Ad of the Year will be done through a four-step process.

    Step 1 – Selection of the best radio ad for each of the six product categories (Corporate/Institutional, Consumer Durables, Food and Beverages, Home Products, Fashion and Personal Care, Services) for the first semester (January 1 to June 30, 2008). Deadline for submission of entries is October 31, 2008.
    Step 2 – Selection of the best radio ad for each of the six product categories for the second semester (July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008). Deadline for submission of entries is February 15, 2009.
    Step 3 – Selection of the year’s best radio ads in each of the six product categories (Category Winners) out of the 12 best radio ads for the first and second semesters combined. March 2009.
    Step 4 – Selection of the Best Radio Ad of the Year (Overall Winner) for 2008 from the six Category Winners.  March 2009.

  • Only radio advertisements aired on KBP member stations will be accepted as entries. A radio ad will qualify as an entry only for the semester in which it was aired. If an ad is aired continuously from June to July, it will be considered as an entry for the semester where it has been aired more times. If it is aired for equal number of times in both semesters, it may be entered in either of the two semesters, but not in both.  
  • A radio ad entered under a category may be transferred by the Board of Judges to another category if it deems the entry to be more suited to that category. This decision will not be subject to appeal or question.
  • The decision of the Board of Judges will be considered final.
  • The KBP may, at its sole discretion, decide to use any of the entries to promote the KBP Radio Advertising Awards.  Entrants agree to the use of their entries for this purpose and waive any right to remuneration for such use.
  • Submission of an entry to the KBP Radio Ad Awards 2008 is deemed acceptance of all the rules, terms, and conditions of the award.
  • For queries, please email