We help our members gain access to innovative technology and to resources that enhance their services to the public.

Digital Broadcasting

The KBP helped the government in choosing a digital TV sandard for the Philippines in 2013 based on the perspective of the broadcast industry. It is now working with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to help ensure the smooth transition from analogue to digital television broadcasting.

Mobile Radio Reception

One-third of radio listeners in Mega Manila now listen through mobile phones and devices. However, these can only provide access to FM programming, mainly music. KBP is taking the initiative to encourage its member FM stations to go digital. By doing so, they will gain additional channels which can be used to bring AM programming, which provides most of theĀ  talk, news, and emergency and disaster coverages, to mobile phones and devices. KBP is also exploring with a device manufacturer the possibility of providing mobile phones with AM reception for the Philippine market.