on airThe House of Representatives approved the renewal of franchises of two KBP members this March while the Committee on Legislative Franchises approved the renewal of franchises of five more of them. The broadcasters whose franchises were approved by the House on third reading were Subic Broadcasting Corporation and Beta Broadcasting System. Also this March, the Committee on Legislative Franchises, chaired by Rep. Franz Alvarez,approved the franchise renewal applications of Notre Dame Broadcasting Corporation, First United Broadcasting Corporation, Word Broadcasting Corporation, Siam Broadcasting Corporation and Manila Broadcasting Company. After approval in congress, the applications for renewal of franchises will go to the Senate.

The KBP has urged its members whose franchises are expiring within the next five years to already apply for renewal. KBP President Herman Z. BasbaƱo said that so far KBP is happy with the way the 17th Congress and the House Committee on Legislative Franchise have been handling applications for franchise renewal of its members. The prompt action of Congress on the renewal of expiring broadcast franchises assures broadcasters that there will be no disruption in the delivery of their services to the public. Broadcast stations remains to be the major source of news, information, and entertainment in almost all areas of the country.