The KBP is requiring all members that are airing blocktime programs to furnish the KBP a copy of the undertaking signed by their blocktimers indicating that they will abide by the KBP Broadcast Code. Blocktimers refer to persons contracting for airtime and personalities who regularly go on the air in such programs.

The requirement was promulgated through a Board resolution approved last March 8, 2017and ratified by the members of the KBP last March 21. The resolution aims to address concerns reported to the KBP that on-air personalities in many blocktime programs use insults and personal attacks in their commentaries, in violation of the KBP’s code of conduct.

The KBP has an ombudsman, the Standards Authority, which hears complaints of violations of the code. Those found guilty are subject to fines and, in the case of on-air personnel, suspension of KBP accreditation.