Is radio still effective in this digital age?

To answer this question, Nielsen Media Philippines rolled out a 3-month radio campaign in November 2016 for selected brands (powdered milk, laundry detergent, and instant noodles in a test location (West Visayas) and then compared sales versus a benchmark control area (Central-East Visayas) where the campaign did not run. Using Nielsen’s retail sales data, the study then compared brand sales in the test & control regions and measuring the sales uplift prior to and during the campaign of the brands. Only stores with the same profile and similar sales patterns were selected. (See summary of study here).

The results of the study showed radio ads can deliver a sales uplift of as much as 6% where the campaign has a high target reach (at least 90%), high radio share of voice (at least 50%), and a good advertising copy. The study also showed that radio works best as complement to TV or in an integrated campaign.